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A Beginning…

- by Amanda Showler (age 5)

- by Amanda Showler (age 5)

Hello all,

The temperature is dipping and the leaves are changing, so that means another year of instructing across the country.  I’m excited to share the ‘ah ha!’ moments that I’ve had or seen.  I will also bring stories and examples of what I find across the country.  Toronto is my first stop in October. 

I’m hopeful that you will share yours with me too!  So this year is a new beginning and everything starts somewhere.  When I say that there is always one map that pops into my head.  It’s a simple and beautiful little Idea Map on the topic of “Leaves”.  I remember my daughter brought it  to me with “Look what I did!”.  She was 5 years old at the time and this one I hope inspires you too.  I encourage my students when they’re starting out that if she can do it, then so can you!  To have fun.  To try.  So with the leaves changing and whether it’s your first, four hundredth or four thousandth map… Happy Mapping!

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